Summary and Setup

Evaluation is a critical task, given that gathering and making sense of audience feedback enables museum professionals to reflect upon their work, while tracing the impact of organisations’ provision and shaping digital policies and plans. This tutorial is a practical exercise to help you build a practical understanding around evaluation to ‘capture’ audiences’ engagement with digital heritage experiences and explore technology impact, making use of appropriate frameworks and tools.

girl in museum
Moscow, Russia - July 6: Exhibition in Moscow Planetarium. One of the world’s largest planetarium by Alinsa under Education License from Adobe Stock

The tutorial covers topics such as:

  • Looking at the essentials of an evaluation plan
  • Mapping the key points of an evaluation plan
  • Defining measurable criteria to meet evaluation objectives
  • Choose appropriate methods to collect measurable evidence

During the tutorial we will go through the various steps to plan the evaluation of digital experiences in the GLAM context.

The following resources will be useful for this:

  1. Evaluation checklist (p.32 of the document) or look at the checklist as presented within this tutorial
  2. Evaluation plan or the Evaluation Planning Tool (p.79-80 of the document)

The tutorial is built with The Carpentries Workbench, as part of the training activities of the AHRC-funded network service on Digital Skills in Visual and Material Culture.