Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers

Our invited speakers will present the latest research on Open Data, and related applications in Cultural Heritage and Public Administration. They complement our technical research presentations by exploring the issues when deploying Open Data with practitioners and citizens across various European countries including UK, Germany and Italy.

Vittorio Scarano


Vittorio Scarano is a Full professor of Computer Science at the Computer Science Department of University of Salerno in Italy. He has been visiting the University Eotvos Lorand in Budapest (Hungary) and he has visited the Department of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (USA). Since 1996, he funded and co-directs the ISISLab laboratory within the Department. ISISLab has been hosting, until now, the research activity of 23 PhD students, actually employing more than 20 collaborators (grants, fellowships) with involvement in research project at local, regionale, national and european level. He is co-author of more than 150 papers in internationally refereed journals and conferences of IEEE, ACM, etc.. He coordinated the European funded research H2020 project ROUTE-TO-PA “Raising Open and User-friendly Transparency-Enabling Technologies fOr Public Administrations” (grant agreement No 645860) with 12 partners and a budget above 3M€. He has participated and coordinated local units in European (FP6, Leonardo, Erasmus+), national and regional funded research and innovation projects. He likes family, doing research and teaching, in this order.

Robert Nasarek


Robert Nasarek is a Research associate (Museum and Cultural Informatics - Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremberg). He was an Information scientist (National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina) and is a PhD student at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Saale.

Giuseppe Ferreti


Giuseppe Ferretti is a public official (role: e-Gov Strategic Planner, supporting the coordination and promotion of e-government policies and smart communities) for Digital Transition Special Office at Campania Regional Government (Napoli, Italy), dealing with the state-of-the art Digital Services and best practices for a region of 6.000.000 resident people, more populated than many UE nations.
30 years demonstrated experiences in ICT leader roles, both in Industry and Public Administration, my physical brain was made in Italy (Napoli) and runs unstopped since 0,5+ centuries ago. “Scientific high school” Diploma; “Computer Science” Degree; “ICT Management” Master, and always involved in lifelong learning.
As co-author of various scientific papers on e-Gov and Open Data, published worldwide, and as Responsible of Innovation projects in Public Administration, he has been invited as a speaker to international conferences, UE Parliament, UE Committe of Regions and Cities, Dubai School of Government, Italian Senate of the Republic and Chamber of Deputies, and National Conference of Presidents of regional Parliaments.
Since February 2022, he is also Contract Professor at University of Campania “L.Vanvitelli” (Caserta, Italy), Engineering Department, Magistral Degree in Management Engineering, where he teaches the “Information Systems” course. Since September 2021, he is a member of the Innovation Commission at Italian Conference of Regions. From 2008 to 2021, he has been CIO, ICT Supervisor, e-Gov Projects Coordinator; Responsible of Performance in all the contracts for Digital Transformation at Campania Regional Council, the local Parliament. From 2004 to 2008, he was a Web Project Manager Official at Campania Regional Government, and has been engaged in a lot of ICT projects at the President’s Cabinet and other Assessorships such as Youth, Social, Urban planning, Human resources, Information Systems.
From late 90’s to 2004, he was a technical advisor and external IT professional consultant in a large amount of Italian Small and Medium Businesses and Public Administrations (Cities, Unions of Municipalities, Territorial Pacts for employment, Social and Health Departments).

Panel Speakers

Our panel sessions will include various speakers from various organisations producing, managing and using Open Data in various domains. Speakers will include the following: